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Communist Party of India (ML) State Level Convention by New Democracy

Updated on Friday, May 10, 2024 18:46 PM IST

Call to defeat the BJP, Drive Away BJP and question other ruling parties
Daljeet Kaur 
Jalandhar, May 10, 2024: To save the dwindling democratic space in the country, to prevent the implementation of manuism by changing the constitution, to reverse the efforts to make the country a Hindu Rashtra, to protect the remaining federal structure of the country and the UCC (Uniform Civil Code). The call to defeat and drive the BJP out of the parliamentary elections to stop the law enforcement efforts was given today at the state level convention called by the Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) New Democracy at the Desh Bhagat Memorial Hall.
On this occasion, the state leader of the party, Comrade Kulwinder Singh Waraich, while addressing the convention, said that the local foreign corporates want to intensify the looting of the people of the country. Strict laws are needed to crush the people's protest against this robbery, on the other hand RSS-BJP wants to convert India into a Hindu Rashtra. Therefore, they need a barbaric state to suppress the minorities, Muslims, Christians, Dalits and other democracy-loving people. Corporate and RSS-BJP's need and alliance has brought the country to the brink of fascist dictatorship. The major obstacle in this is the current constitution of the country. So they want to change the selection process of judges.
Senior party leader Comrade Darshan Singh Khatkar said that RSS-BJP wants the country to have one language, one religion and one culture. A state built on feudal values. That's why she is slowly taking over all the institutions of the country. It wants to make minorities second class people through CAA, NRC and UCC. The country will be an open prison. In order to satisfy corporate interests, RSS BJP brought three Agrarian Acts, scrapped the labor laws won by the workers and replaced them with four Labor Codes and attacked the federal structure of the country, especially in Punjab.
On this occasion, the party's senior leader Comrade Ajmer Singh said that where the BJP wants to divide the country on communal lines, other ruling parties cannot be acquitted. While people should defeat and drive away the BJP, other ruling parties should be questioned as to why they have not implemented the guarantees and promises made.
He further said that the basic issues of the people cannot be resolved in the current economic and political system. This arrangement can only be solved by changing it from the beginning.He said that people will be made aware and mobilized by holding rallies in thousands of villages and institutions across Punjab. Lakhs of leaflets will be distributed among the people and thousands of posters will be put up to implement the party's call.
On this occasion, the party leader, Comrade Tarsem Peter, while addressing the convention, thanked the audience and invited them to implement the party's call vigorously.
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