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Anti-dengue drive: 1,36,665 houses surveyed, larvae found in 4957

October 04, 2021 03:57 PM
Survey, fogging and awareness campaign in full swing in high risk areas
Public cooperation sought to make the district dengue-free
Mohali, October 4:   The inspection, spray and awareness campaign by the teams of District Health Department for the prevention of Dengue fever has been going on continuously since the month of March across the district. Disclosing this, Civil Surgeon Dr. Adarshpal Kaur said that a total of 13 teams have surveyed a total of 1, 36, 665 houses and other places in the district since March. Mosquito larvae have been found in as many as 4957 houses and challans have been issued to the violators.
      According to the civil surgeon, teams of health workers are checking coolers, fridge trays, pots, empty tires, boxes and other containers during. Special emphasis was being laid on survey, fogging and awareness campaign in high risk areas namely Phase 7, Balongi and Dera Bassi as there were several cases of dengue fever in recent days. A total of five teams are conducting surveys in Balongi alone these days. She added that the larvae of the mosquito that spreads dengue fever can turn into a dangerous mosquito in a few days which can even kill a person. Generally people think that due to little cold weather these days dengue mosquitoes do not spread whereas even these days there is a danger of breeding of dengue spreading mosquitoes. She asked people to be fully alert and vigilant against dengue and not to leave clean or dirty water anywhere in and around their homes. She also said that when the Municipal Corporation teams reach and start fogging, the doors and windows of the houses should be kept open so that the mosquitoes could be eradicated.
         Dr. Adarshpal Kaur appealed to the people of the district to cooperate for the prevention of dengue and said that the health department on its own is making continuous efforts in this direction but only with the help of the people the district could be made dengue free. She said that there is no definite season for dengue fever but usually it is more prevalent from July to November, so caution is very much needed even during the months of October and November. People should wear clothes that cover the whole body. If there is a suspected dengue victim, immediately go to the nearest hospital. Dengue testing and treatment is available free of cost in government hospitals across the district. For health related information, the health department helpline no. 104 may be contacted any time.
Dengue Symptoms
Sudden high fever.
Severe headaches.
Pain behind eyes
Severe joint and muscle pain.
Skin rash
Remove water from coolers and other small containers at least once a week.
Keep overhead tanks covered
Drain off water from the back tray of refrigerator every week.
Use mosquito nets or mosquito repellents while sleeping during daytime.
Emptying and drying of water storage utensils on a weekly basis is important.
Keep surroundings clean and dry to prevent mosquito breeding.
Dispose of plastic, coconut shells and empty tins and cans.
Spray insecticides on outdoor containers and water puddles in and around your home.
Do not wear clothes that expose your arms and legs.
Children should not be allowed to play in shorts and half sleeved clothes.
Do not allow water to stagnate in bird feeding pots.
Do not leave toilet pots uncovered while going out of station.
Do not use vessels below flowerpots during these months as water stagnates in them if left unchanged.
Do not give steroids or antibiotics to dengue patients.
Avoid platelet transfusion unless there is an active bleed or the platelet count is less than 10, 000.

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