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Many people including Congress Sarpanch left Congress and joined Aam Aadmi Party

January 19, 2022 05:53 PM

Aam Aadmi Party's candidate Kulwant Singh welcomed those who left the Congress in AAP

Mohali, January 19 (Desh Click News ):

Aam Aadmi Party got a lot of support in Mohali today when Congress Sarpanch Chhajja Singh Kurari, Nirmal Singh Kurari, Advocate Jagbir Singh Kurari, Najar Singh Jagatpura along with other members said goodbye to the Congress party and joined Aam Aadmi Party. Kulwant Singh gave a warm welcome to them on joining AAP.
Chhajja Singh Sarpanch Kurdi, Najar Singh Jagatpura and Nirmal Singh Kurdi, who joined AAP, said that the Congress MLA of Mohali did not improve the condition of the villages despite his party's government and himself being a cabinet minister.
The condition of the villages has become very bad and in many villages people are forced to lead a life as if they are living in hell. They said that the person who himself has been ignoring the villages when he is a cabinet minister and having his own government, cannot be expected to do any development work or any other kind gesture in future.

They said that they know about AAP candidate Kulwant Singh's developmental works as the mayor of Mohali Municipal Corporation done with utmost honesty dedication. That's why they want Aam Aadmi Party's candidate Kulwant Singh to take over the responsibility of Mohali this time.

On this occasion, Kulwant Singh thanked everyone who joined the party and expressed their faith in AAP. He appealed to the people to cast their each an every precious vote in favour of Aam Aadmi Party on 2pth february, thereby contributing to the formation of AAP's government in Punjab so that Punjab can be reformed by removing corruption from Punjab's politics.

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