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New Covid variant very infectious, all need to take precautions: Civil Surgeon

January 06, 2022 04:56 PM

Covid sampling and vaccination in full swing in district: Dr Adarshpal Kaur

 Mohali, January 6:Desh Click News

Civil Surgeon Dr. Adarshpal Kaur once again appealed to the district residents to take all necessary precautions to stay away from the deadly disease of Covid-19. She said that the health department is making all out efforts to curb the spread of the deadly disease but the people should also understand their responsibility and follow the basic guidelines like wearing masks, keeping social distance from each other and washing their hands frequently. She said that the new variant of Covid-19 'Omicron' is very infectious and spreads faster than the Delta variant; therefore, all the people need to follow the above guidelines and all the beneficiaries including 15 to 18 year olds need to be fully vaccinated. In case of persistent cough, cold, fever etc., one should visit a government health facility and seek the advice of a doctor and get a Covid test done.

    Dr. Adarshpal Kaur said that all arrangements have already been made in the government health facilities of the district to tackle the third possible wave of Covid-19. While the Covid sampling is in full swing in various places,  Covid vaccination is also going on with full steam. In addition, the number of beds in hospitals has been significantly increased and the cooperation of the public is very much needed.

         Emphasizing on complete anti-Covid vaccination, the civil surgeon said that every beneficiary must be vaccinated without wasting time as the vaccine gives the body the strength to fight the pandemic. She added that the vaccine is completely safe and everyone should get it without any fear. People who have not yet been vaccinated against Covid or who have not had a second dose should get vaccinated immediately. Covid vaccination is being provided free of cost in various government health institutions across the district. People can go to the nearest health facility and get vaccinated without any hindrance.

                  Dr Adarshpal Kaur said that it is very important to take precautions even after vaccination. Precautions like wearing masks, keeping distance from each other and frequent hand washing need to be taken as before. People should step out of the house only when there is an urgent need. They should avoid unnecessary travel and crowds. The Civil Surgeon also asked people to visit hospitals in case of any serious problem only. Instead, they should contact the health department's helpline 104 for the expert advice.

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