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The Only Way To Save this Planet Is To Increase The Forest Area On The Earth Dr Bansal

November 17, 2021 12:39 PM

Dr.Amrit Bansal National Convener Green India Movement is an renowned environmentalist who have played an active role in construction of  large number of public parks and plantation of trees since 1979. In as early as 1979 he had constructed 4 public parks in a small town like Goniana (Bathinda) where he was posted as Executive Officer, Municipal Council Goniana and since then he had not looked back.Thereafter he had joined as Executive Officer in the Notified Area Committe S.A.S.Nagar( Mohali) where he had put an extraordinary special efforts to construct 170 neghbourhood parks in Mohali city and dotted the entire town with large number of parks.

Besides this in Mohali  town he also constructed Boughenvillea Park in phase-5 , Rose Garden Park in Phase 3B-2 and big Leisure Valley Park in Sector -62 spreading over 55 acres which is most beautiful park in the Tricity and large number of residents of Mohali and Chandigarh visit this park daily and enjoy its good atmosphere.Besides construction of large number of Parks in Mohali 5 lac trees were also planted on 404 km of roads. The open spaces were developed into green belts and large number of trees were planted in green belts.Similary at Nangal town during his tenure as E.O , M C , 5/6 public parks were developed and a large number of trees were planted in the town.

In the year 2020 a large number of Bel trees were planted all over India in all the States. Dr.Amrit Bansal was appointed National Convener Green India Movement in recognition of his extraordinary work in saving and protecting the environment and planting large number of trees. There has been a rapid rise in atmospheric temperature, the water level has gone down, the air pollution has increased, the glaciers are melting because of release of carbon dioxide in heavy quantities all over the glob both due to industrialisation and increase of vehicles on the road side besides due to burning of coal in factories and thermal plants. The natural balance of biodiversity has been lost in ocean, air and water and many species of birds and animals have gone extinct.The only way to save this planet is to increase the forest area on Earth which is dwindling fast by greedy human activity who is quite unmindful of its impending extinction of its race from the planet. So it is the duty of all of us to save this planet by planting at least one tree every year’ has said Dr.Bansal.

Dr.Amrit Bansal National Convener Green India Movement has planted trees in all the states of India on a large scale and have motivated thousands for tree plantation. He has engaged individuals, governmental and non-governmental organisations to plant large number of trees everywhere.All the State Pollution Control Boards, All the State Local  Govt.Deptts and other many social organisations have been  motivated to plant large number of trees and a massive effort have been put to do so by Dr.Amrit Bansal. With his tireless efforts  more than 15 lakh trees have been planted so far in all the States of  India and the work to plant more trees is still bring continued with full force.The efforts are being made to plant large number of trees in every town of India in all the districts and Tehsils and to down to village level. Dr.Amrit Bansal hope to continue the work of trees plantation in the times to come in future also with the same dedication and to continue to motivate people from across all the strata of society to continue the work of tree plantation and  help save the Mother Earth.

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