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DCW chief Swati Maliwal meets family members of Manipur parading victims

Updated on Tuesday, July 25, 2023 13:31 PM IST

New Delhi, July 25 :

Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) chief, Swati Maliwal has met family members of the two victims who were subjected to a horrifying incident of being paraded naked and molested by a mob in Manipur.

A DCW official stated that Maliwal, accompanied by Commission member Vandana Singh, arrived in Imphal on Monday and traveled to the trouble-hit Churachandpur district to meet the family members.

The meeting took place between Maliwal and a mother and husband of the two victims.

In a tweet in Hindi, the DCW chief said: "I met the families of the two daughters of Manipur who were brutalised. A girl's husband protected the borders of the country while being a soldier. He told me that till now no one has come to meet him, I am the first one to reach him. Met the mother of the other girl as well. When I can reach here without security then why hasn't the CM or the rest of the administration come till now?"

She also posted two photos from the meeting.

Besides, Churachandpur, Maliwal also travelled to Moirang and Imphal districts, where she interacted with displaced people at several relief camps.

Sharing her challenging experience during the trip, Maliwal claimed that the state government denied her support to travel to the conflict-hit areas.

“These three days have been extremely tough for me. I was denied any support by the government to enter Manipur and yet I came here at great personal risk. The viral video shook me to the core and I wanted to meet the survivors at all cost. I was informed by locals that it is very difficult to travel Churachandpur to meet the families of the survivors, yet I decided to go there without any security amidst heavy firing,” she said in another tweets.

Expressing her distress, Maliwal also pointed out to the lack of attention from the Manipur government and questioned why the survivors have not received any counseling, legal support, and compensation so far.

She emphasised that if she could travel from Delhi to meet them without security, Chief Minister N. Biren Singh and cabinet members should also visit them in a bulletproof car.

Maliwal described the situation in Manipur as extremely troubling, with horrifying stories of people losing their homes and loved ones, and the state government failing to protect them.

She urged the Central government to take urgent action, including the sacking of Biren Singh.

Maliwal also called for a visit by the Prime Minister to the violence-hit state.

Maliwal praised the kindness of the Manipuri people and emphasised the urgency of steps to protect them and their land.(IANS)

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