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SKM Campaign to the People- ‘Expose, Oppose, Punish BJP’

Updated on Wednesday, April 03, 2024 17:44 PM IST


Jana Mahapanchayat to ask why farmers were stopped in Delhi

Peaceful protest is the democratic right of the citizens

Posters and banners will be raised questioning BJP

Struggles succeded to reinstate people’s livelihood issues in the election agenda

ECI has to ensure level playing ground for fair and trustworthy election

New Delhi : April 3. Desh Click News

The SKM Calls up on the organisations and platforms of farmers, workers, students, youth, women and other sections including small traders, journalists, professionals, retired workers etc. to join hands to convene Jana Mahapanchayat across India asking BJP to explain why farmers peaceful protest to Delhi demanding repeal of 3 pro-corporate farm acts, implement the promise in 2014 BJP manifesto on MSP@C2+50%, Loan waiver among others were stopped by the Modi Govt. The state, regional, local leadership of SKM will facilitate the action.

The Jana Mahapanchayat will appeal people to discuss the livelihood issues- agrarian Crisis, MSP, loan waiver, unemployment, Labour Codes and privatisation of public sector among others replacing the Ayodhya, religious disputes and narratives on corporate development by the RSS-BJP combine that divert the attention from the real issues of the people.

The Jana Mahapanchayat will appeal to all the people to stamp out the trends of dictatorship being exhibited by the Modi Govt. and protect the democratic, secular, federal principles enshrined in the constitution of India.

The Modi Govt. stopped farmers peacefully marched to the capital at Delhi borders during the 13 month period in which 736 farmers became martyrs. Peaceful protest to put pressure on the elected government is the democratic right of the citizens as enshrined in the Constitution of India and endorsed by the Supreme Court. The Delhi Police detained 400 farmers from Karnataka at Nizamuddin Railway station at Delhi and prevented them from attending the Mahapanchayat on 14th March 2024 at Ramlila Ground. The Delhi Police ordered Delhi Gurudwaras not to serve langar, provide shelter to farmers and thus blocking them from holding high their great tradition of selfless service to humanity. Even today, the farmers are blocked at the Haryana border and the Haryana state government led by BJP had killed Shubkaran Singh a young farmer on 21st February 2024. The BJP has given Kheri seat to Ajay Mishra Teni, the main conspirator of the Lakhimpur Kheri farmers’ massacre. BJP has become the political agent of Corporate - Communal- Criminal -Corrupt Nexus that controls the political economy of India. Posters and banners will be put up in the villages raising these questions to the BJP.

The Prime Minister never called the farmers representatives to discuss the burning issues raised during the 13 month long historic farmers struggle and in the governance in the last ten years reveals the dictatorial tendencies of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Though the model code of conduct has come into force, the Modi government has dared to arrest and jailed the opposition leaders including Aravind Kejriwal and Hemant Soren, the chief ministers of Delhi and Jharkhand respectively, seized the accounts of the opposition political parties and the Enforcement Directorate summons the candidates of opposition political parties on pending cases thus denying the level playing ground to the opposition. The situation brings apprehension on the Election Commission of India, the statutory institution, whether the election will be conducted in a fair and trustworthy manner.

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